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10. October 2023

5 reasons to choose a managed service provider

There are many good reasons to use managed service providers as the use of supporting software applications advances and the management of systems becomes more complex. This makes it all the more important to have a managed service provider at your...
4. September 2023

3 steps to the right DevOps solution

The path to an individual DevOps solution does not always have to be long and complicated. Polygran efficiently develops solutions with a structured and solution-oriented approach. Our solution concepts are adapted to the requirements of our...
28. October 2022

DevOps meets Atlassian Toolchain

We asked ourselves: How can DevOps be realized with the Atlassian toolchain? We asked Michael Eberhardt, one of our Atlassian Operations Engineers, about this. Michael joined Polygran in early 2018 and is an expert in Atlassian products. In this...
23. February 2022

Polygran soccer team takes 3rd place in IT league

Our Polygran soccer team in Bulgaria has successfully completed the 2021 season. They finished 3rd in the IT Top Premier league. Only ATI Consult (1st place) and DXC Technology (2nd place) were superior to the Polygran team. Nevertheless, the...
9. November 2021

Jira and Octane - leveraging synergies

A comparison of the two tools Jira (Atlassian) and ALM Octane (Micro Focus) is something we encounter again and again during initial consulting meetings. Both tools offer solutions for different application areas. While Jira is often used as a...
27. May 2021

Meet Kim - "My path to becoming an Atlassian Solution Engineer".

Kimberly Knöbel works as an Atlassian Solutions Engineer at Polygran GmbH in Ulm, Germany. Since May 2017, she has been a valuable colleague, especially in the Atlassian team. Since then, she has improved quality in her own department, helped shape...
22. April 2021

An insight into the daily work of Alexander Kuzmenkov as a load and performance tester

Alexander Kuzmenkov is a load and performance tester and has been employed by Polygran GmbH for several years. Alex describes his work as a tester as a science experiment. He conducts research on IT systems, testing the performance of systems under...
13. April 2021

Polygran celebrates its 9th anniversary!

Nine is considered the number of perfection because it contains three times the number three, which is considered a sacred number in many cultures. How Polygran GmbH has developed over the last nine years was told to us by the two managing...
23. March 2021

Test automation with artificial intelligence

Amazon Web Services deploys code on average every 11.7 seconds and Netflix deploys code thousands of times a day. Big bang releases that are worked on for months or years, that go live with a big bang all at once, no longer meet the demands of...
2. March 2021

Meet Lena - "I'm taking my workplace with me".

To get the right inspiration for this theme, I chose a very special workplace today: Kafé Magasinet in Gothenburg. My Flat White was just freshly prepared, I made myself comfortable in a lounge chair in a corner of the café and connected my laptop...
28. January 2021

Meet Daniela - Insights into the digital working day at Polygran

The new “Corona Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance”-now Home Office applies to all who can make it happen. For me and my team at Polygran, working from home has long since become a routine – and this routine has been...
12. January 2021

Shifting Security Left

Due to more frequent and ever-shorter development cycles, late security testing hinders the efficiency of the DevOps strategy in software development. Findings about vulnerabilities are identified too late. Bridging this gap with further...
29. September 2020

Tips for a super productive home office

The home office could be great – but only if you maintain productivity and a healthy work-life balance! Below we have compiled a number of great tips and tricks for working at home. Follow your morning routine Walk into the kitchen in your...
22. September 2020

DevOps as a gamechanger

DevOps is a process improvement approach used primarily in system administration and agile software development. The goal is to combine Development and IT Operations in a way that enables more efficient and effective collaboration. The focus of...
22. June 2020

We are Polygran

Over the years, our corporate values have evolved from our way of working. That brings us together as individual people: We have things in common that make us stronger. We are particularly proud of this. We cultivate our values, collect stories...


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