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Catena-X: the digital ecosystem for the automotive industry

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We support companies in the automotive sector on their digitalization journey: Catena-X will be the new standard for all participants in the automotive industry – so the question is not if, but when you will get on board.

Don’t wait and become part of the digital information flow today, in which all players in the value chain exchange data on an equal footing and in a self-determined manner.

What is Catena-X?

The digital network platform

Catena-X is an initiative of the automotive industry that aims to create a unified ecosystem for the industry: with an open, scalable network platform for the secure, interoperable exchange of data and information between all players in the automotive industry.

The aim is to improve cooperation and innovative strength along the entire value chain for greater competitiveness and sustainability. A common framework is to be provided for this: the Catena-X platform.

How does it all work, what do you need to bear in mind, how do you get started correctly and why do SMEs in particular benefit from it? Find out more in our white paper:

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Your 3 most important advantages -
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Standards for efficient working

Use cases are checked for standards and built around the EDC connector, which can communicate with all other connectors of the participants.

Real-time data exchange for greater supply chain transparency

Thanks to standardized information, correlations can be identified more easily – for example, which batch a damaged part belongs to. This also reduces the number of recalls.

More transparency and data security

Catena-X creates the bridge and combines the disclosure of sensitive data (due to regulations/laws) with strong security mechanisms to protect transmitted data and intellectual property.

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Your contact for all questions about Catena-X

Tatjana Wiest – IT Project Manager – Automotive Digitalization

+49 731 1411-1014

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