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Industry: Insurances

Technologies: Atlassian Jira & OpenText ALM

Smart migration of a test environment

For business reasons, the test environment of a leading insurance provider was to be migrated from OpenText to Atlassian. The difficulty was to have expertise in both technologies and to perform the migration in a period of about one year: no problem for Polygran.

First, we drew up a detailed migration plan in close consultation with the customer’s specialist departments. We then analyzed the technical background and developed possible solutions and alternatives, and conducted initial tests with non-production data. Based on the knowledge gained, we created a mapping plan for the future migration and gradually began transferring the projects from the legacy system to the new system. In order to accelerate and automate the migration, we also developed a custom plug-in for the transfer – this was the only way to meet the project schedule.

Industry: Automotive

Technologies: OpenText ALM

Central system for the complex test management of software

In a large German automotive company, there were various approaches to software test management. These were hosted differently and no longer complied with internal guidelines and were to be transferred to a central, globally available system. The possibility of scaling should be given so that the system can keep up with the growth of the company.

Polygran’s solution: After a year of intensive planning of the infrastructure and hardware requirements, we established a central ALM platform with around 1,000 licenses – at the time of implementation, one of the largest test environments in the German-speaking world. In addition to hosting, we took over further services and finally the holistic support – in the process, we are constantly expanding and customizing the solution (to over 800% of the initial size by now).

Industry: Services

Technologies: Atlassian Confluence

Health check of an Atlassian system

For a medium-sized company in the IT and facility services sector, we undertook a qualified assessment of the current Confluence system and derived recommendations for action.

The customer was using a server environment for 2,000 users, but this was repeatedly causing performance problems. There were also concerns about security and reliability.

In the first step, we recorded the current situation of the infrastructure, the system configuration and the overall system. Based on the subsequent analysis, we defined an ideal configuration, which we compared with the existing configurations. Based on the deviations, we drew up an action plan with a step-by-step guide to the ideal configuration.

Industry: Automotive

Technologies: Atlassian Jira and Confluence

Plug-in development for anonymizing users from other companies

A large German automotive group had the problem that their Jira and Confluence tools were not FAK-compliant: Users from the group were able to give instructions to users from external companies. Polygran’s solution: We developed a special plug-in that anonymized the users of third-party companies – thus restoring FAK compliance.

Industry: Automotive

Technologies: OpenText ALM

Migration of an ALM service

Polygran took over the technical support of an ALM service with over 20,000 users for a large German automotive group. After a transition phase, the service was to be migrated to an external data center. We supported the entire process and developed a solution that meets the group’s standards, has a data center with a multi-server structure and is particularly high-performance and secure.

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