Performance digitization without blinkers.

Effective, target-oriented and open to technology.

We: Polygran GmbH.

As a digitalization outfitter, we equip you with solutions for your everyday digital business and make sure that you and your teams also enjoy the capabilities of your tools. Since our founding in 2012, we have used our in-depth expert knowledge to become an established full-service provider in the field of managed services, trusted by both medium-sized companies and global corporations with more than 100,000 employees.

Even though we have been around for a few years, we see ourselves as a young team – because “young” for us means open to technology, demanding, strong in service and hungry.

We do it: efficiently and well.

Polygran offers cross-industry support services for various applications in the areas of software development, agile and collaborative working as well as project management to a wide range of customers. Our service portfolio includes the entire range of services – starting with initial consulting, planning and implementation, as well as administration, management, further development and further transformation. Your central advantages with us:

  • Scalable solutions: flexible and configurable
  • Individual projects or holistic enterprise support
  • Cost-efficient and goal-oriented teamwork
  • Expertise from experts – in the project or in the form of training and courses
  • No question: We always have an answer for you!

"We are your digitalization outfitter: we equip companies with everything important to boost their digital performance."

Catharina Guß - Marketing Manager

Polygran Atlassian Team arbeitet an Migrationsprojekten.

... and how do our teams work for you like this?

For customer satisfaction in the fast-paced digital world, we think you have to be that way:

  • Flexible and open to technology
  • Dynamic and agile
  • Solution-oriented and goal-oriented
  • Forward-looking and openly consultative
  • Thinking digitally and acting humanely
  • Digitally networked worldwide: with equally strong experts
  • Reliable and confidence building

5 reasons to rely on Polygran:


Technologies are interchangeable – strong application and software experts are not: we are familiar with application (providers), tools, software etc. and develop solutions such as plug-ins ourselves. This means that we always offer our customers exactly the right solution and do not have to compromise on technologies.


Up to date instead of just an update: in the digitalised world, everything is moving faster and faster. We stay on the ball for you – because what is high-tech today may be old-school tomorrow. This gives you the security of always receiving suitable solutions that are not outdated.


100% customer satisfaction – for many a buzzword, for us a daily aspiration: 100% is easy to say, but difficult to achieve. We know this because it defines our work – the famous last 10% makes the difference for you. Take us at our word – because working with us should not only provide you with effective added value, but also be fun.


What we do has a solid foundation: nowadays, many processes are agile, challenges are multidimensional and technologies are a dime a dozen. It’s not easy to maintain an overview. We are a forward-looking, reliable partner who knows from experience how important it is to get your digital performance right. With us, you won’t be slowed down, but will be able to really pick up speed.


Diversity makes us strong and creative: Polygran supports a wide variety of customers from a wide range of industries. We utilise synergy effects and learn from a wide variety of projects. In this way, we can optimise your project; because sometimes you don’t have to break completely new ground – sometimes the best paths are those that others have already taken successfully. Our team is also diverse: both personally and professionally – this also contributes to our strength.

You would like to learn more about us? Super!

Feel free to ask us your questions – we look forward to hearing from you:

Stephan Mayer Atlassian Experte von Polygran

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