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You want to be part of excellence? Let's go!

Polygran is growing and growing – that’s why we need you. “Young and dynamic” are somehow all companies. However, what sets us apart from many other IT service providers is how we function as a team and how we interact with our customers. 100% customer satisfaction is the keyword here: a buzzword for many, but reality for us. How we achieve this? On the one hand, of course, with service and performance strength – but above all through our open, cordial way of communicating with customers. We talk turkey, not jargon – and that’s how we are as a team at our locations in Ulm and Sofia.

Values that characterize us and make us strong:

We are adaptable and pragmatic.

We are enthusiastic and unconventional.

We are professional and proactive.

We are authentic and love our family atmosphere.

We are open and live individuality.

We are determined and absolutely solution-oriented.

... and we are: excited for you!

With us, you’ll have the privilege of helping to shape the digital world of business. This is varied, highly exciting and responsible. That’s why it depends on everyone at our company – mutual appreciation and helpfulness are therefore the order of the day. But that’s easy for us because we employ people who have excellent hard and soft skills.

Which path will you take with us? Go for it! Be bold, do your thing, pick up speed and find your role at Polygran – all doors are open to you. Technologically, too: Be technology-savvy, agile and innovative with us. “We don’t need “old habits” – we’d rather have someone give us a new cut.

What is the famous application process at Polygran?

Let’s make it short: This can happen very quickly and within a week you are in the team. Of course, this also depends on how flexible you are and whether you are still bound elsewhere for a certain time, for example. Basically, we are very uncomplicated and flexible: Just apply and you can start in no time. Typically, there are four steps to getting us on the team:

  1. Send CV (curriculum vitae / resume): nothing more
  2. Initial telephone interview with our HR department: for a first meeting and exchange of requirements and ideas
  3. Second interview via video or on-site with the faculty: for the mutual feel-good factor and to check out technical skills
  4. Third appointment: to meet the management, have lunch with the team and sign the contract.

Simply access or request ...

Vacancies: free choice!

Pick the job that appeals to you the most. If your dream job is not listed, please contact us personally – we are sure to have a suitable career idea for you!

Benefits, benefits, benefits - where do we start, where do we stop?

It is not easy to summarize the many different advantages that await you with us. We gave it a try anyway:

Work at your digital workplace Collaboratively in the office or from your home office – you decide where you are every day. Thanks to flexible working hours, you can also adapt your work to your needs.

Stay on the ball with us: The IT industry is constantly changing. With regular training, we not only promote your individual development, but also increase the excellence of the entire team. everyone benefits from this.

You get more from us: In addition to the basic salary, you can negotiate various additional benefits such as bonus payments, commissions or remuneration in kind at Polygran. Just as you wish.

Our modern spaces are inspiring and designed to encourage creativity. Feel free to try it out: It works. The proximity to the city center with many restaurants and the Blau River additionally increase the quality of working life.lity.

No one wants to miss out on that: With joint activities outside of daily business, we strengthen our team spirit and promote harmonious teamwork. The summer party and the Christmassevent are already legendary – find out for yourself! Also game nights, spontaneous get-togethers or playing billiards at your own table in the foyer have already brought forth many a tear of laughter.

IT professionals need professional IT: With us, you work with the highest quality technologies and state-of-the-art equipment – always up to date for more joy and efficiency.

That’s who we are: open, collaborative, innovative, fair, a soul of a team and a bit crazy. It is very important to us that we not only recruit specialists into the team, but that each new team member also fits in as a person and feels comfortable with us.

We have already mentioned it: Where do you catch an where do you stop. Just be sure that you can expect lots of benefits with us – including things like: company pension plan, e-bike leasing, daycare subsidies and much more.

You have questions? Great - we have the right answers for you!

The best thing is to ask me everything you want to know right away. I will gladly take time for you:

Daniela Lehbert

Human Resources Manager
+49 731 1411-1031

Daniela Lehbert HR Manager ei Polygran.

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