Project Management without chaos and tool hopping: with Atlassian and Polygran.

As Atlassian professionals, we know exactly how you can get the best out of your tools and make teamwork efficient – for better collaboration, real-time project overview and agile software development.

With Polygran you get the most out of Atlassian:


Project and process tracking for agile software teams.

Jira Service Management

High-velocity ITSM: Manage and automate processes.


Create, edit and store content together in one place.


Manage Git codes, plan projects and edit codes, tests etc.

Atlassian Intelligence: the new virtual AI colleague.

With Atlassian Intelligence, every team gets a new virtual teammate who understands exactly how the team works together and with whom work can be accelerated. To do this, the tool relies on artificial intelligence developed internally and by OpenAI.

Atlassian Data Center für alle die Ihre Tools nicht in der Cloud wollen
Die Cloud Lösungen der Atlassian Cloud

Atlassian Cloud or data center?

Do you prefer to work in the cloud or do you want or need to manage your data locally? No matter which route you want to take – Polygran will provide you with comprehensive advice and is always at your side with strong services for both areas. Because we help you to be more efficient, more productive and faster.

Atlassian Cloud

Teams work better together in the cloud: faster, smarter and more efficiently. It provides data insights, replaces manual work with modern workflows and automates processes. Atlassian takes care of the infrastructure, maintenance, updates and security issues itself.

We support you in getting the most out of the Atlassian cloud platform – whether you are already using the solution or want to get started.

Atlassian Data Center

If you want to manage your data locally or are legally obliged to do so, Atlassian’s enterprise solution is perfect for you. With this deployment option, downtimes can be minimized or avoided, services for Atlassian applications can be scaled flexibly and extended security options can be integrated.

We will be happy to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of the self-managed data center cloud solution and support you in your day-to-day work.

Free of charge & without obligation

Do you have questions about Atlassian or would you like to know how we can tailor your tools perfectly to your needs and processes?

Gespräch über Atlassian Service

Jira Service Management

Faster, better, more flexible: With Jira Service Management, you have all the features your team needs for great service at your fingertips. Optimize your ITSM processes on a platform that your developers and business teams are already using.

Our service - the Polygran 360° approach.

We offer comprehensive Atlassian services: Consulting, licensing, migration, training, support and customizing. Our experts support you with all Atlassian products. Benefit from our complete service!

Der 360° Atlassian Ansatz von Polygran bestehend aus Support und Customizing

Just give it a try?

Experience the benefits of agile project management without having to blindly commit to a new tool. Polygran is happy to support you and offers you the opportunity to test and get to know Atlassian in detail.

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