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This is the future: With the powerful NoSQL databaseMongoDB, you can manage large amounts of data and seamlessly expand your capacities.

Increase security, reliability, efficiency, flexibility and speed with us now – and take your data performance to a new level. We would be happy to discuss with you personally what the best way forward is for you!

The 6 biggest advantages of MongoDB:

Flexibility and speed

MongoDB uses a schema-less JSON format for maximum flexibility in data storage. This enables quick adjustments and efficient handling of large amounts of data – ideal for dynamic content management and extensive catalogs.

Scalability and performance

MongoDB promotes horizontal scaling by means of sharding and guarantees high performance and availability through indexing, replication and in-memory storage – ideal for IoT and the efficient management of time series data and digital twins.

Real-time analytics

MongoDB is ideal for real-time analytics and real-time processing of large amounts of data: You can run operational and analytical workloads on active data perfect for personalized services and recommendation algorithms.

Legacy modernization

To meet the new business requirements, MongoDB reduces costs and increases efficiency. This opens up new possibilities for the use of data and reduces the load on legacy mainframes.

Standardized data view

MongoDB enables a comprehensive 360-degree view of customer data from diverse, isolated source systems – without the need for time-consuming migrations.

Rich Query Language

MongoDB provides an advanced query language to support complex searches, data aggregation and analysis. This increases efficiency when searching and analyzing data and gaining insights, and speeds up decision-making.

With Polygran you get everything out of MongoDB:

Save 50 % development time

Thanks to the dynamic schema of MongoDB’s highly flexible No-SQL databases, you can reduce development time by up to 50% compared to conventional databases.

Shorten latency time by 80

Thanks to auto-sharding technology, you can finally scale easily and seamlessly – even with millions of users! The growing data structure reduces latency by 80 %: It couldn’t be faster!

99.999 % data reliability

Don’t compromise on security, integrity and reliability: with MongoDB you benefit from multi-document ACID transactions and a guaranteed data reliability of 99.999%.

Save 70 % costs

Over a period of three years, you save up to 70 % of your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), because thanks to MongoDB significantly fewer resources have to be used, downtimes are minimized and the lean operation requires virtually no effort on your part.

Arrange a free and non-binding consultation now:

We offer you:

Consulting & Migration

Immerse yourself in the world of MongoDB with us. We accompany you from strategic planning to technical implementation to ensure a smooth transition to MongoDB. Thanks to our partnership with MongoDB, we can guarantee you direct access to the manufacturer.


Together with the manufacturer MongoDB, we conduct a detailed sizing session and evaluate your system environment to identify the exact requirements. This process ensures a powerful environment tailored to your needs that optimizes efficiency and performance.

Testing: Test platform for trying out the database

Discover the full potential of your MongoDB applications with the advanced test platform to check and optimize the security and performance of your systems under real conditions.

Our 5 major strengths that save you money and don't cost you any nerves:


We are there for you personally.

At Polygran, you are not just one small number among many and you don’t have to spend your valuable time in hotline waiting loops – with us, you get a personal contact person who takes care of all questions relating to your MongoDB tools, not just at the start of a project, but throughout the entire collaboration.


We know MongoDB inside out.

Polygran has MongoDB experts who care about nothing else but making sure our customers get 100% out of their tools. We utilize all strengths and know all potential stumbling blocks that could stand in your way of optimal use. In this way, we ensure from the outset that you do not have to make any compromises.


We are fast.

Thanks to Polygran, you can concentrate on your core business on a daily basis and don’t have to deal with organizational or operational questions about MongoDB. In us, you have a partner who is extremely responsive and can deliver solutions faster – it’s not for nothing that large corporations such as one of Germany’s largest car manufacturers rely on our services.


We also save you money.

Companies from a wide range of industries rely on Polygran because it pays off for them: Especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers, it is not easy to find your own MongoDB experts and skilled workers cost a lot of money. Money that you can save by relying on our service. We would be happy to explain to you in detail how worthwhile a partnership with us is, both in terms of expertise and service, as well as financially.


We adapt to you - not the other way around.

With Polygran, you don’t have to compromise on service: We are guided by the processes in your company and do not want to impose our own process on you – also because many of our customers are international corporations with strict regulations regarding their internal processes and external partners. You don’t have to change anything for us: We adapt flexibly to your individual needs.

Develop smarter with these tools:


Multi-cloud application data platform


Product and service collection for more security, efficiency and control over MongoDB databases

Trust in proven quality:

12 hours become 15 minutes

A large German mail order company has over 2 million products. Updating the product catalog took more than 12 hours before MongoDB – now it only takes 15 minutes. This allows him to bring products to market at lightning speed and personalize the catalog for 30 million customers quickly and easily.

Mitarbeiter arbeiten zusammen.

Over 100,000 ops/sec for 567% more company value

Before MongoDB, a large e-commerce company was unable to scale flexibly and cope with unforeseen peaks in demand, resulting in downtime. The flexible MongoDB database model and sharding have minimized complexity for the customer. Today, his app is among the top 100 in the app store and the platform has grown to over 50 million users in four years. With a throughput rate of over 100,000 operations per second, the company was able to increase its valuation by 567% within a year.

No downtime in 3 years

A large, internationally active company provides an e-commerce platform for retailers. Before MongoDB, it was not possible to scale, which led to a loss of revenue of over 15% and a sharp increase in license costs. With MongoDB, the development time of the SQL server was reduced by 50% from over 12 months and costs were cut by 35%. The most important thing: everything has been running 100% perfectly for years and there is 0 downtime.

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