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IBM’s Watson-based business intelligence (BI) solution is powerful software that helps companies understand, organize their data , better and make smart business decisions. In doing so, it provides both insights into the present and forecasts for the future of your business.
As a technology partner of IBM, we support you in using IBM products in a sustainable, secure and target-oriented manner – for example, the tools that rely on IBM Watson artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We strengthen you with these services for IBM:

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Among others, we support these IBM tools:

IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson

Advanced data analytics and visualization, contextual recommendations, predictive analytics, automated reporting, NLP: natural language processing, decision making, usability.

IBM Planning Analytics with Watson

Integrated business planning, forecasting, analytics, AI functionalities, self-service modeling, automated visualizations.

A good example: IBM for Polygran customers.

A major car manufacturer faces the challenge of optimizing its product range and production processes. It must respond quickly to changes in demand, reduce costs and at the same time ensure the quality of the vehicles.
The solution: IBM tools brought in by Polygran help analyze sales data to enable better planning of production, inventory levels and budgets, as well as analyze financial data and have full cost control. It also makes it easier to monitor recalls or quality issues, allowing the customer to flexibly and quickly improve their products and in turn satisfy their customers. This enables him to react faster to changes in the market, remain competitive and optimize product quality and costs.

Other technologies:

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