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Excursus: the evolution of databases

Traditional relational databases have long been the backbone of versatile enterprise applications. They organized data in tables – according to fixed schemas – and sometimes required complex joins to create relationships between different data sets. While they are still suitable for some use cases, they reach their limits when it comes to processing unstructured or semi-structured data – the kind of data that is ubiquitous in today’s (digital) world.

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The NoSQL revolution - bringing order to chaos

In this context, the NoSQL movement emerged, giving rise to a new generation of databases that are better tailored to the requirements of modern applications. NoSQL databases such as MongoDB offer decisive advantages – including flexible data modeling, horizontal scalability and improved support for unstructured data. They are ideal for applications that need to process large amounts of data and adapt to rapidly changing requirements.

While classic databases can be compared to a book full of tables, you can think of MongoDB as a cabinet in which you store your data in the form of documents. The big advantage: You don’t have to follow a fixed scheme, but can arrange, delete or add individual sheets as you wish. This makes MongoDB extremely flexible, as rapidly changing data structures and large volumes of data can be processed easily. When it comes to high-traffic websites or apps with numerous profiles, comments, uploads or images, MongoDB is second to none – and so is MongoDB Atlas as a cloud solution: it allows data to be stored and managed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why MongoDB Atlas?

MongoDB Atlas is MongoDB’s cloud-based, automated managed service as a database solution. The service enables automatic provisioning, patching and other database monitoring and optimization functions.

Furthermore, the leading managed NoSQL service stands out because it effectively supports companies in moving existing or new database infrastructures to the cloud and thus benefiting comprehensively from the advantages of scalability, flexibility and reliability.

"With MongoDB, the development time of the SQL server could be reduced from over 12 months by 50 % and costs were reduced by 35 %. The most important thing: everything has been running 100% perfectly for years and there is 0 downtime."

Fully managed platform

MongoDB Atlas provides a fully managed platform that allows you and your organization to focus on developing your applications instead of spending time and resources managing the database infrastructure. The platform takes care of the setup, configuration, monitoring and maintenance of the MongoDB databases in the cloud, which significantly reduces the operating effort for you.

Scalability and flexibility

is a decisive factor in particularly data-intensive environments. MongoDB Atlas allows you and your organization to scale your databases horizontally or vertically as needed to keep pace with increasing data volumes and user demands. This flexibility allows you to react agilely to changing market conditions and continuously optimize your applications.

Security and compliance

Data security and compliance are crucial for almost every company, especially in industries such as financial services, healthcare and the public sector. MongoDB Atlas offers multi-layered security features such as encryption at rest and during transmission as well as access controls, IP whitelisting and much more. This enables you to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and meet all regulatory requirements.

Automatic backups and restoration

Data loss can have a devastating effect on your work and the success of your company – MongoDB Atlas has a solution for this too: in the form of automatic backups of your databases. In addition, manual snapshots can be created to back up a specific current status of the databases. In the event of a failure, MongoDB Atlas enables a quick recovery. This allows you to ensure business continuity and minimize downtime.

Advanced monitoring and analysis

Identify bottlenecks, increase your efficiency and resolve performance issues by comprehensively monitoring and analyzing your database performance. MongoDB Atlas already has detailed monitoring functions on board for precisely this purpose. This allows you to keep track of performance indicators, latency times, utilization and much more at all times. You can also set up push notifications so that you are informed directly and without detours about important events and can react proactively to potential problems.

Seamless integrations

Another benefit that should not be overlooked is that you can seamlessly integrate MongoDB Atlas with numerous other cloud services and tools, making it easier to develop, deploy and manage your applications. To scale your business, MongoDB Atlas can be used with services such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and many others.

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Conclusion: Why you should rely on MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB Atlas is undoubtedly the future of database technology and will make the difference for you in times when data is increasingly becoming the driving force behind innovation and competitiveness.

Thanks to its fully managed platform, scalability and security, monitoring capabilities and seamless integration with other software or services, MongoDB allows you to effectively optimize your database infrastructure.

It enables you to meet current and future standards and requirements and keep pace with the fast-paced competition of the digital world. When it comes to fully exploiting the potential of large amounts of data and generating a competitive advantage from it, MongoDB Atlas is undoubtedly the right choice for your company.

Introduce MongoDB Atlas optimally and secure your lead with Polygran

As an IT service provider, Polygran offers its customers tailor-made database solutions with MongoDB Atlas. The experienced team of specialists will advise you on the optimum data infrastructure for your company, carry out a precise as-is analysis and examine your opportunities by using the cloud solution of the renowned MongoDB database management system. Polygran is your perfect partner for an optimal path to the cloud.

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