2021 season

Polygran soccer team takes 3rd place in IT league

Our Polygran soccer team in Bulgaria has successfully completed the 2021 season. They finished 3rd in the IT Top Premier league. Only ATI Consult (1st place) and DXC Technology (2nd place) were superior to the Polygran team. Nevertheless, the Polygran team looks back on a successful game record: 32 games, only six of them lost.

"We beat some very good teams and defined our own style of play with a lot of possession and fast, direct play in the final third of the pitch."

Hristo Kacarov, coach and player

Image: Polygran soccer team

Team of the month

Polygran’s team received several Team of the Month awards. Some of the players were personally honored at the end of the season. Luben Staev, Polygran’s best player, was awarded “Star of the Season”, while the coach, Hristo Kacarov, received the award for “Contribution and Development of Mini Soccer in Bulgaria”.

Left: Hristo Kacarov, awarded for contribution and development of mini soccer in Bulgaria.

The biggest mini soccer tournament in Bulgaria

Until the start of the next season, which is expected to begin in February/March 2022, our Polygran team will participate in the Winter Cup, which features 72 teams from various mini soccer leagues. The teams come not only from Sofia, but also from other cities, making this the biggest mini soccer tournament in Bulgaria so far.

"We hope to do well, but our main goal is to get in shape for the upcoming season in the IT League."

Hristo Kacarov, coach and player

About the IT League
In the IT league, 16 teams play in the championship at the beginning of the season, where they all play against each other. Once this phase of play is over, the league will be divided into two groups. The top eight teams will advance to the IT Top Premier League where they will play each other twice, while the last eight teams will form a new IT League. Polygran has been playing in this league since 2019.


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