More security for your software with DevSecOps

Shifting Security Left

Due to more frequent and ever-shorter development cycles, late security testing hinders the efficiency of the DevOps strategy in software development. Findings about vulnerabilities are identified too late. Bridging this gap with further implementations afterwards usually turns out to be a challenge, which is associated with higher costs.

Safety test as a fixed component

DevSecOps (or Secure DevOps) is an extension of DevOps. In the past, security testing was performed by a separate team at the end of software development. This led to long development cycles in the final phase, as security problems arose at the supposed end of development. Most often, application security is seen as an implicit requirement for successful DevOps. With DevSecOps, security testing is integrated as an integral part of the entire software development process. Thus, the security of an application can be guaranteed from the very beginning.

Implement DevSecOps correctly

To successfully apply DevSecOps, application and infrastructure security must be planned at the outset. With the right tools for continuous integrated security and a security-enabled development environment, you can achieve DevSecOps goals. It is important that the tools are able to automate some security barriers so as not to slow down the DevOps workflow.


  • Improved automation of the entire software delivery pipeline
  • Elimination of coding errors
  • Violation reduction

Empower your team to perform even better

Teams that implement DevSecOps tools and processes to integrate security into their DevOps framework will be able to release secure software faster. Developers can test the code for security and detect security errors while writing the code.

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