Bitbucket in action – advantages for software developers

The choice of a repository hosting service will have a decisive influence on the way you work in the future and therefore also on your productivity. Bitbucket is one of the alternatives that you and your team could consider, provided you use Git as your version control system. Find out what advantages Bitbucket offers and for which teams the platform is particularly suitable.

"With Bitbucket, teams can leverage the full scope of the DevOps toolchain to accelerate and simplify software development and deployment."

Bitbucket as a Git code management solution for professional teams

Bitbucket as an innovative code repository is the first choice for many development teams simply because of its clarity. Atlassian purchased the web-based online service for version management in 2010 and has continued to develop it ever since. Convinced users attribute Bitbucket’s success mainly to its focus on users and their repositories. Other services focus more on the source texts themselves and make the user experience leaner. The offer is aimed at companies and their development teams. Numerous integration options and collaboration support make this clear. Jira, Trello boards and the entire user interface are designed to make communication and collaboration as efficient as possible.

Comparable services

Bitbucket is often mentioned in the same breath as GitHub, GitLab and Gitee. Especially in comparison to Github, however, it quickly becomes apparent that it is worth taking a look at the advantages of Bitbucket before you decide on one of the solutions for your company. The most obvious difference is that Bitbucket is mainly used for private repositories, while Github has established itself in use for public repositories and open source projects.

Both services give you access to basic commands and functions with which you can structure, organize and optimize your work in a team:

  • Forking, merging, branches – creating and managing repositories (public or private)
  • Perform code reviews
  • Inline editing and Markdown support possible
  • Security through external two-factor authentication
  • Pull requests
  • Create wiki and documentation
  • Issue tracking for problems and bugs
  • Continuos Integration (CI) and Continuos Development (CD)

Bitbucket advantages - an overview

A direct look at the most outstanding functions of the Bitbucket platform provides information about the potential of the service and may serve as a decision-making aid.

Jira integration

Jira and Trello
are also products from Atlassian. So it’s no wonder that the manufacturer advertises Bitbucket’s native Jira integration. Specifically, this means that processes can be managed and created via the Bitbucket Cloud code review user interface in Jira. This makes switching between apps obsolete and saves valuable time.

Jira automation & linking
If required, processes can be automated in Jira. For example, if you create a branch, a pull request or a commit, the status in Jira is automatically updated on request.

DevOps toolchain
Since Bitbucket is part of Atlassian’s DevOps offerings, the platform is particularly interesting if you already use other Atlassian products. The highlight: Atlassian connects your teams with in-house products and third-party software. This allows you to integrate existing tools or easily add further applications.

"By integrating with Jira and Trello, Bitbucket offers seamless collaboration and increased efficiency for development teams."

Maximum security
These security features are essential to protect your work and sensitive data: Advertised as an “enterprise-class security feature”, Bitbucket offers IP whitelists, 2FA and IPv6 support. Certifications in accordance with international standards and GDPR protect your data in the cloud against external attacks.

CI/CD integrated
Even though Bitbucket is compatible with most CI/CD providers, you can use the platform’s integrated solution for your repositories.

CI/CD integrated
Even though Bitbucket is compatible with most CI/CD providers, you can use the platform’s integrated solution for your repositories.

Code reports
Bitbucket Cloud’s pull requests give your team the opportunity to integrate security scanning, testing and monitoring into a code review process. Bugs and quality defects can be quickly identified and corrected using the requested code reports.

Large File Storage
Larger files (such as audio, videos or graphics) often need to be available for your work. Git LFS saves the file contents in Bitbucket and replaces them with text references in Git.

Implementation of your Trello boards
Bitbucket allows you to integrate your teams’ Trello boards. This means that you may not have to move to JIRA and can take care of your projects in your familiar environment.

Save time with code-enabled search
A big difference to other services: The semantic search saves you time when searching for specific code segments.

Opsgenie integration lets your team track exactly what led to an incident. The developer responsible can undo their changes to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Import options
Import repositories from:

  • Git
  • Codeplex
  • GoogleCode
  • SVN

Deployment management
Thanks to deployment management, authorizations can be easily assigned and controlled. This prevents unwanted changes being made to the customer system.

Wikis for private repositories
Bitbucket offers the possibility to create wikis for private repositories, which other providers often only provide for public repositories.

Price question: Where should I host my code?

For Atlassian, it’s literally a question of price: the developer advertises that Bitbucket Cloud Premium‘s enterprise features are three times cheaper than those of other providers. At the moment, Bitbucket allows you to create unlimited private and public repositories for up to 5 users. There is also 1 gigabyte of Git Large File Storage. Each additional user costs $3 per month (as of March 2024).

In contrast to other platforms, which are often aimed at open source projects, Bitbucket is a cost-effective alternative for companies. Atlassian’s cloud solution and the integration of other in-house software or third-party tools contribute to the flexibility of the offering and make it all the more interesting for companies and their development teams.

For “private” code, Bitbucket is an extremely secure platform that will also promote collaboration in your teams. Those who long for an active community will not be disappointed either. Tutorials, webinars and documentation can be found on the Internet at any time.

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