The new must-have for agile software development

DevOps as a gamechanger

DevOps is a process improvement approach used primarily in system administration and agile software development. The goal is to combine Developmentand ITOperations in a way that enables more efficient and effective collaboration. The focus of dovetailing these two areas is to shorten release cycles. In addition, quality can be assured / increased, the speed of software development accelerated and teamwork improved. Previous approaches to software development are being replaced by new and innovative ways of thinking and practices. This is supported by various tools and instruments for process optimization.

The cards are reshuffled

With the DevOps method, companies can deploy applications more quickly and easily and thus bring their products to market faster. The time advantage can be decisive for success. This enables smaller companies to assert themselves on the market against larger competitors with their applications.

DevOps as a cultural change in the company

In practice, DevOps is also understood as a philosophy to closely connect different areas in terms of their culture, tools and processes. The close cooperation between the individual areas is intended to identify problems and errors in the creation process more quickly, and to enable a review and adjustment to be carried out more quickly. This is the principle for agile software development.

Using the right tools for DevOps

With various applications and tools, the entire application lifecycle can be mapped. From the development and test phase to deployment and operation, various steps in development can be automated and accelerated. The elimination of manual processes relieves your team and at the same time ensures reliable further development. In doing so, the team benefits from the advantages of the DevOps methodology.


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