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Do you already know everything your tools can do and get 100% out of your Atlassian tools without support? Or is support worth it for you?
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Number of users

Costs internal
336.000,00 €/year
Costs external
132.000,00 €/year

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Which calculation bases are decisive for the return on investment? What is the composition of a transparent and flexible support price list? How do you plan for the future?

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To make it easier for you to do what your tools can do.

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, rely on the expertise of specialists and increase the efficiency and performance of your teams. In the process, you also effectively save money!

5 more arguments for support from a strong partner:

He already knows from A to Z how it works

Take advantage of extensive expertise and years of experience, as well as access to specialized tools and resources.

It is always there

Get continuous and preventive support for problems, configuration, troubleshooting, performance optimization, monitoring, and more.

It has only this one task

Enjoy fast response times when problems arise and avoid interruptions.

The offers full cost control

Plan your budget better with clear, scalable cost structures that avoid unexpected expenses.

The relieves your internal team

Focus on strategic tasks instead of dealing with support requests.

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