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Technology & Diversity.

Atlassian, OpenText, MongoDB, IBM - to be continued ...

Polygran is technology-open and service-strong: That’s why we look forward to your challenge to us – completely independent of a particular technology or specific tools.

Constantly dealing with new things in the digitalized world – that is our daily bread, that gives us pleasure and that provides you with real added value. We will be happy to prove to you that we keep our word!

Complex digital world?

With these tools we solve your challenges.

We make it easy for you – with us. We break down complexity to the essentials, simplify decision-making processes and workflows, optimize agile collaboration and communication in teams with you, and automate processes. Look forward to digitization that is efficient and fun.

Atlassian: simply perfectly organized.

Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Bitbucket and more.

OpenText: Don't be unstructured - be smart.

ALM Octane, UFT One, ALM/Quality Center, LoadRunner, ValueEdge and many more.

MongoDB: a bank in digitalization.

MongoDB Atlas, Enterprise Advanced and more.

IBM: check everything and know where the journey is heading.

IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson, IBM Planning Analytics with Watson, and more.

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What technology can we help you with?

Uthayakumar Kiddinapillai – IT Service Engineer

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