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MongoDB is a powerful NoSQL database for storing large amounts of data. To do this, it relies on a storage structure that differs from traditional database systems and, among other things, enables seamless capacity expansions.

Polygran is your contact for all MongoDB topics such as transactional, search, analytics and mobile applications. Thanks to our deep understanding of business processes, we provide you with an optimal platform tailored to your needs. This way you benefit from more security, reliability, efficiency, flexibility and speed.

We strengthen you with these services for MongoDB:



Application Support


Testing: Test platform for trying out the database


"Anyone can talk great: with MongoDB, we can reduce development time by up to 50%."

Arpad Backens - account Manager

Among others, we support these MongoDB tools:


Multi-cloud application data platform


Product and service collection for more security, efficiency and control over MongoDB databases

Très chic: customer data is not only exciting, but also business-changing ...

One of our customers – a large e-commerce company in the fashion sector – is experiencing rapid growth and continuously collects large amounts of data. These include customer profiles, transactions, inventory levels and much more. In doing so, the company encounters challenges in managing increasing data volumes and processing requests quickly, especially during peak times such as sales promotions.
The Solution: Polygran helps customers meet the challenges of a fast-growing e-commerce business with MongoDB solutions by providing a scalable, flexible, and high-performance database solution. This enables the company to better address customer needs and gain valuable business insights. This creates completely new possibilities in the CRM area as well as in the customer approach.

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How can I help you with MongoDB?

Stephan Mayer – Head of Sales & Marketing

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