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This is how teamwork goes digital:

Atlassian tools and solutions optimize your teamwork, project management and software development. Organize projects, track tasks, and collaborate more efficiently – all at any time, from anywhere in the world.

As an Atlassian Solution Partner, Polygran provides you with experienced experts who dive into the Atlassian world with you and get the best out of it for you. This saves you time, costs and detours in achieving your goals.

"The best future prospects? Provided by a perfect project overview."

Samira Bayer - Atlassian Expert

We reinforce you with these services for Atlassian:



Application Support


Customizing / application individualization


We support these Atlassian tools, among others:

Jira software

Project and task tracking for agile software teams.

Jira Core

Manage projects as well as project information and organize teams.

Jira Service Management

High-Velocity-ITSM: Manage and automate processes and service.


Create, edit, and store content together in one place.


Manage Git code, plan projects and edit codes, tests, etc.


A clear case of best practice

Let us present an example of what a typical project with us looks like: A large German traditional and innovative company from the automotive industry developed advanced vehicle technologies and systems. These required close collaboration and communication between the development and research teams. However, the existing tools and methods were not sufficient to meet the complex requirements.
The solution: By implementing Atlassian tools, Polygran was able to significantly increase efficiency in the client’s project management, improve communication within the team, and ensure that important information was always available and easily accessible to everyone. This led to faster decision-making processes, enabling the customer to achieve its project goals sooner.

Other technologies:

Let's go

How can I help you with Atlassian?

Kimberly Knöbel – Atlassian Consultant & Solution Engineer

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