Jira Service Management

Atlassian Jira Service Management: Worth its weight in gold for your service teams.

Faster, better, more flexible - Jira Service Management:

Whether you’re just starting out or looking for a faster and more flexible ITSM solution, Jira Service Management gives you all the features your team needs to deliver great service.

And the best thing about it? Everything happens quickly and efficiently on the same platform that your developers and business teams are already using.

With the flexibly scalable ITSM solution, based on ITIL 4, and the support of Polygran, you can optimize your IT service management processes.

Atlassian Data Center für alle die Ihre Tools nicht in der Cloud wollen

6 reasons why Jira Service Management is worthwhile for you:

One platform for all teams

At Atlassian, all service teams, developers and IT operations work together on a single platform. This speeds up processes, avoids silo thinking and enables outstanding service experiences for employees and customers.

Standardized task view

With Jira Service Management, you get a unified task view through integrations with the Atlassian portfolio and various third-party tools to optimize your workflows.

Rapid value creation

The powerful and user-friendly platform enables easy scaling and a high ROI: with transparent pricing and short implementation times – ideal for companies that want to avoid expensive and complex tools.

Suitable for all teams

Jira Service Management also makes it easier for non-IT teams to deliver services quickly and cost-effectively: with intuitive workflows and autonomous working options.

Better user experience

Benefit from an improved user experience thanks to modern user interfaces and proven practices that increase user-friendliness.

Intuitive implementation

Thanks to the simple implementation and automatic upgrades, you save valuable time and considerable effort so that you can concentrate on the essentials.

The complete solution for your service management:

Request management

  • Manage tasks across teams on just one platform
  • Quick help for employees and customers

Incident management

  • Bringing development and IT operations teams together
  • Responding quickly to incidents and learning from them on an ongoing basis

Problem management

  • Summarize incidents into problems and document workarounds
  • Accelerate root cause analysis

Change management

  • Comprehensive context information on changes from software development tools
  • Better decision making for IT operations teams
  • Fewer risks

Asset management

  • Store assets and manage stocks efficiently
  • Tracking responsibilities and life cycles
  • Effectively reduce costs

Configuration management

  • Overview of the infrastructure of critical applications and services
  • Identify dependencies for services and thus minimize risks

Knowledge management

  • Enable self-service and reduce requests
  • Manage articles from the knowledge database
  • Promote teamwork

You can find more information on the new ITSM framework ITIL4 here.

The Atlassian Toolchain: A well-rounded solution for your processes.

Manage your IT services in an efficient, structured and, above all, intelligent way – from the initial request to incident management and continuous improvement.

Use a comprehensive solution that enables you to seamlessly integrate all processes, maintain an overview and continuously optimize your services.

This not only ensures smooth processes, but also creates the basis for continuous innovation and excellent customer service.

Atlassian bietet mit seiner Tool
  • Users submit service requests or report incidents.
  • Requests and incidents are automatically recorded and prioritized in Jira Service Management.
  • In the event of an incident, the responsible team is alerted via Opsgenie.
  • Opsgenie ensures rapid escalation and communication within the team.
  • Changes are requested and approved.
  • The risks of changes are assessed and planned.
  • CMDB manages all IT assets and configuration elements.
  • CMDB provides an overview of the infrastructure and helps with troubleshooting.
  • Knowledge databases offer solutions to common problems.
  • Users can access self-service resources.
  • Status page informs users and stakeholders about the current status of the services.
  • Real-time updates in the event of breakdowns or maintenance work.
  • Dashboards and reports provide insights into the performance of ITSM processes.
  • Continuous monitoring helps to identify opportunities for improvement.
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