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Atlassian Data Center: scalable, always available - exactly your thing.

The solution - especially for large companies.

Not everyone can, may or wants to use a cloud. With the Data Center, Atlassian offers an enterprise solution specifically for this purpose, with which tools such as Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and others can be used in an optimally available, flexible, secure and scalable manner.

Polygran will be happy to advise you on the question “Cloud or Data Center?” and accompany you from A to Z on the way to the best Atlassian Data Center solution for you.

Atlassian Data Center für alle die Ihre Tools nicht in der Cloud wollen
Die Cloud Lösungen der Atlassian Cloud

Atlassian Cloud or Atlassian Data Center?

We clarify: simply arrange a free and non-binding information meeting!

All good things come in threes - yours Core advantages at the Atlassian Data Center:

Innovative strength on a grand scale

Promote the networking of distributed teams without sacrificing performance – especially as the team size increases.

Grow intelligently and quickly

Guarantee reliability and performance even with an increasing number of users.

Trustworthy tools

Use reliable tools and consistent support to strengthen your teams’ confidence in the platform.

Team autonomy and organizational control

Help your administrators maintain the balance between user flexibility and your organization’s compliance and security requirements.

Strong Benefits and arguments - that's what Atlassian Data Center offers you:


  • Uninterrupted use even in the event of hardware/software failures (thanks to active-active clustering and redundancy)


  • Simple management of users and cluster nodes (without downtime)
  • Efficient performance optimization for growing companies


  • In-house infrastructure
  • Various deployment options (on-premise and IaaS providers such as AWS and Azure)


  • Better overall performance through load balancing and optimization of resource management


  • Optimum protection of sensitive data through advanced security functions, governance and compliance options
  • Emergency recovery in the event of/against system failure


  • Integration of APIs and tested apps to expand functionality

Data insights

  • Better business decisions through deeper insights


  • Approved apps: specifically developed and verified for the Atlassian ecosystem (response times, scalability and supported databases)

SAML 2.0

  • Simplified, secure login experience (authentication with existing identity providers)

Play it safe with Atlassian and Polygran:

We would be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation on the best way to get started with Atlassian’s data center solution.

Mitarbeiter arbeiten zusammen.

Did you know?

This is how expensive a system failure is per minute ...

Do you know what a system failure costs? According to a Gartner study from 2014, every minute costs companies an average of USD 5,600 – according to more recent estimates, this figure is now likely to have risen to around USD 9,000 per minute.

Network outages can quickly cost over USD 300,000 per hour.

With the Atlassian Data Center, you can drastically reduce your risk: This is because in the event of a server failure within a cluster, the remaining servers take over the load; data traffic is seamlessly rerouted and business interruptions are thus avoided.

Pretty clever and safe

How an Atlassian Data Center works:

The data center system architecture consists of clusters for load distribution, file systems and databases. Several load balancers distribute the requests to the respective Atlassian application nodes. If a cluster failure occurs, the distributor recognizes this and immediately and automatically redirects requests to other nodes.

An application cluster is itself made up of several nodes – they are all active, process requests and use the same database and file system. For this reason, the failure of a node does not affect the availability of the system.

The shared, writable home directory is stored in the file system – failover strategies can thus significantly reduce the risk of singe points of failure.

Funktionsweise des Atlassian Data Centers
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