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Atlassian Cloud: scalable, secure and continuously updated - simply smart.

Your teams will love the cloud - and you'll save on operating costs.

The Atlassian Cloud offers you a secure solution based on leading technologies such as AWS. There are still many myths and prejudices regarding the range of functions, security or cost structure – we will clarify these, give you sound advice on the facts of the ultra-modern Atlassian solution and take care of the migration for you.

Feel free to contact us about the basic question “Cloud or Data Center?” – our experts look forward to hearing from you!

Atlassian Cloud mit allen Lösungen und Tools online
Die Cloud Lösungen der Atlassian Cloud

Would you like to test the Atlassian Cloud first?

No problem – with us you can do this free of charge and with professional support! We will be happy to provide test licenses for your team and secure your cloud domain for you.

The most important thing first - your Core advantages the Atlassian Cloud:


Source out your Atlassian infrastructure and benefit from absolute flexibility without having to maintain your own hardware.


The Atlassian Cloud is absolutely secure – and you’re not the only one who can be sure of that: Over 94% of companies that use Atlassian Cloud see no security-related deterioration for themselves compared to a data center.


Atlassian relies on the latest innovations, is always up to date and continuously updates the cloud: you can’t get more modern than that.


With the Atlassian Cloud, your teams work particularly efficiently and productively: digitized and therefore available everywhere and around the clock.

Like on cloud nine - that's what Atlassian Cloud offers you:

Many functions

  • Over 1,000 cloud apps
  • Supports around 50% more integrations than servers
  • Offers additional benefits in the cloud for server and cloud-enabled integrations

Security checkpoints

  • Zero trust approach: with security checkpoints for every user and every tool (instead of simple logins)
  • More protection against hacker damage thanks to defined user authorizations and tools

Privacy & Compliance

  • Guaranteed data security in every respect – from privacy and reliability to compliance rules
  • Support Atlassian security teams for strategic security initiatives

Cost savings

  • Reduction in total operating costs (for hardware etc.)
  • Strengthening business resilience
  • Fewer manual upgrades and routine adjustments

Better deployment of skilled workers

  • Focus and more administrative time for strategic initiatives
  • Ideal in times of skills shortages

Tools to fall in love with

  • Unique cloud experience for more productivity
  • Strengthening team spirit and enjoyment of work through better user interfaces

Integration of tools

  • Smart integration between Atlassian tools and secondary and tertiary tools

Automatic innovations

  • Direct use of Atlassian innovations in areas such as Agile & DevOps, IT Service Management or Work Management

Play it safe with Atlassian and Polygran:

Book a free migration assessment.

"Is your server still on-prem? Then switch to the cloud smart with Polygran's migration service! We'll do it for you. I look forward to making your working world a better place!"

Stephan Mayer - Head of Sales & Marketing

Polygran Mitarbeiter kennen sich mit der Atlassian Cloud aus

If you must, then do it properly:

Our sample plan for the migration to the Atlassian Cloud

Polygran provides you with comprehensive support when switching to the cloud. We know from experience that a sample plan is absolutely essential for this. It should always be the first step for a successful migration to Atlassian Cloud. Our experts will help you to create such a strategic plan that takes into account both your current environment and the goals you want to achieve.

Der 360° Atlassian Ansatz von Polygran bestehend aus Support und Customizing

everything for you from a single source.

Our "Atlassian 360° Service"

Polygran offers you full Atlassian services with no ifs and buts, because we know how diverse and demanding an Atlassian environment can be.


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Here we go

We will be happy to help you and find the perfect solution for you and your company.

I will be happy to advise you – personally and without obligation:

Stephan Mayer – Head of Sales & Marketing

Stephan Mayer Atlassian Experte von Polygran

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