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Journey to DevOps

We want to support enterprises on their way to becoming more agile. The journey to DevOps generally contains these steps:

  • Choose the process that works well for you
  • Change the way you develop and test
  • Try, fail, learn – give your team the time to experiment
  • Check what´s working, change what´s not working
  • Use Tooling to empower the process

What we do

And that´s where we come in place: Accelerate the journey by choosing the right tools. We will help you by covering all activities of the complete technical lifecycle of your application.

Trust our experience, let us manage your application and focus on what is really important for you. Together we can realize the maximum out of your service!

Which Tools we support

Our focus is on the Micro Focus Tools which cover the Application Delivery Management and enable enterprises to approach the DevOps methodology.

ALM - Octane

ALM Octane – Enterprise Agile Delivery

Moving to Agile and DevOps is a journey that can not be done overnight. The Micro Focus ALM solution provides the support you need to accompany each step.

Octane gives the user an overview of every step in his application delivery process. Different roles in this process do all have a real-time status of the feature, which is in the development process.


  • Planning for the hybrid software development environment
  • Develop multiple app publishing plans within the context
  • Managing backlogs for a two- or three-digit number of teams
  • Ongoing automation of tests for high-quality apps
  • Transparency and traceability in the quality pipeline
  • Streamlining jobs for large, complicated solutions

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UFT - Unified Functional Testing

Unified Functional Testing is intelligent test automation for Web, mobile, comprehensive hybrid, RPA, and enterprise applications.


  • Test execution at full speed
  • Comprehensive technology package
  • Object recognition with high accuracy
  • DevOps ready
  • Browser independent
  • Openness and expandability

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Mobile Center

The Micro Focus Mobile Center offers a complete, high-quality lab with real devices and emulators to help you build amazing apps.


  • Lab-Management
  • Structured manual tests
  • Test automation
  • Optimizing the performance of mobile applications
  • Integrated mobile security

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ALM Software

Micro Focus’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) software and solutions enable teams of all sizes to deliver high-quality applications faster and more agile. By combining ALM software products, DevOps, and development tool integrations through an open REST API, a comprehensive partner ecosystem, and a method-independent approach, Micro Focus ALM provides faster releases while aligning application quality and enhanced collaboration across the lifecycle.


  • Test- and Defect management
  • Requirements management
  • Reporting
  • Application Lifecycle Intelligence
  • Automated Laboratory management

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A powerful and lean functional test solution for continuous testing and integration.


  • Concept tests
  • Stable and reliable tests
  • More efficient test execution
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Testing with Selenium made easy
  • Embedded Service Virtualization

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The premier market-leading solution for performing performance testing on project teams.


  • Integrates with many other applications
  • Continuous tests
  • Root cause analysis

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If you want to try these and other Micro Focus tools without any costs and liabilities, guided by our experts, please visit our Polygran PlayLab!