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Recruitment at Polygran GmbH

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We offer different possibilities and interesting tasks for external partners

  • Outsourcing of services

    In the case of a service contract, an employee provides his work and receives compensation from his client.

    The service contract is an employment contract if the employee is not self-employed, works in a company and is in an employment relationship.

    The service contract is all about the worker's pure success, which does not necessarily concern itself with a specific project in the context of his employment. But only provides his or her ability.

  • Result-orientated working

    In the case of a work contract, a company such as Polygran provides a concrete work result for a client. They work with its own employees and its own work equipment. Only the What, How, and When of the project is discussed.

    Everything else is customized by Polygran and your employees. A clear and detailed description of the services to be provided on the basis of the statutory provisions shall be laid down in the contract terms and serve as a guideline for the performance of the service.

    Essentially, a contract of outsourcing is not about pure working, but rather about delivering an agreed result.

  • Temporary transfer of employees

    If an employee is "borrowed" to another company for a certain period of time, so it will be a temporary employee.

    Companies can better manage projects and tasks by flexibly usable employees without having to hire employees and then have to dismiss them.

    If you are looking for a variety of experience, this model makes much sense. This is especially true for those in employment and those with a professional background who want to change and expand their professional horizons.


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