Test automation with artificial intelligence

Amazon Web Services delivers code on average every 11.7 seconds and Netflix deploys code thousands of times a day. Big bang releases, which are worked on for months or years and go live with a big bang all at once, no longer meet the needs of today's world. Ever-shortening release cycles make it clear that constant, rapid updates are the new normal for software applications, and that any company that can't keep up risks losing out. This ends up affecting not only the


Meet Lena – “I’m taking my workplace with me”

To get the right inspiration for this topic, I chose a very special workplace today: Kafé Magasinet in Gothenburg. My Flat White was just freshly prepared, I made myself comfortable in a lounge chair in a corner of the café and connected my laptop to the Wi-Fi. Now just quickly connect to the company network and I'm ready to go! By now, I have had the privilege of supporting Polygran in the area of employee and team development for more than two

5 reasons why your company benefits from a managed service provider

There are many good reasons to use managed service providers as the use of supporting software applications advances and the management of systems becomes more complex. This makes it even more important to have a managed service provider at your side. 1. Relief of the own IT-employees With specialized IT service providers, your company has access to expert knowledge and best practices through the many years of practical experience of managed service providers. This allows solutions to be developed more quickly and

Meet Daniela – Insights into everyday digital working life at Polygran

The new "Corona Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance" - now Home Office applies to all who can make it happen. For me and my team at Polygran, working from home has long since become a routine - and this routine has been optimized year after year. Polygran GmbH is a company that lives and loves digitalization and home office as something long established. Each of us is (fortunately) allowed to adjust our own working time to our personal biorhythm, family, friends or hobbies.

Shifting Security Left

Due to the more frequent and ever shorter development cycles, delayed security tests hinder the efficiency of the DevOps strategy. Insights into vulnerabilities are identified too late. Bridging these with further implementations afterwards usually turns out to be a challenge involving higher costs. Safety test as a fixed component DevSecOps (or Secure DevOps) is an extension of DevOps. In the past, security tests were carried out by a separate team at the end of software development. This led to long development cycles


DevOps meets Atlassian Toolchain

We asked ourselves: How can DevOps be realized with the Atlassian Toolchain? We asked Michael Eberhardt, one of our Atlassian Operations Engineers, about this. Michael has been working for Polygran since the beginning of 2018 and is an expert for Atlassian products. In this interview, he tells us what the Atlassian Toolchain is, its advantages, and how the Atlassian Toolchain can be used to implement DevOps successfully. What are your responsibilities as an Atlassian Operations Engineer? As an Atlassian Operations Engineer, you

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