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Meet Daniela – Insights into everyday digital working life at Polygran

The new "Corona Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance" - now Home Office applies to all who can make it happen. For me and my team at Polygran, working from home has long since become a routine - and this routine has been optimized year after year. Polygran GmbH is a company that lives and loves digitalization and home office as something long established. Each of us is (fortunately) allowed to adjust our own working time to our personal biorhythm, family, friends or hobbies.

Shifting Security Left

Due to the more frequent and ever shorter development cycles, delayed security tests hinder the efficiency of the DevOps strategy. Insights into vulnerabilities are identified too late. Bridging these with further implementations afterwards usually turns out to be a challenge involving higher costs. Safety test as a fixed component DevSecOps (or Secure DevOps) is an extension of DevOps. In the past, security tests were carried out by a separate team at the end of software development. This led to long development cycles


DevOps meets Atlassian Toolchain

We asked ourselves: How can DevOps be realized with the Atlassian Toolchain? We asked Michael Eberhardt, one of our Atlassian Operations Engineers, about this. Michael has been working for Polygran since the beginning of 2018 and is an expert for Atlassian products. In this interview, he tells us what the Atlassian Toolchain is, its advantages, and how the Atlassian Toolchain can be used to implement DevOps successfully. What are your responsibilities as an Atlassian Operations Engineer? As an Atlassian Operations Engineer, you

Tips for a super productive home office

Home office could be great - but only if you keep your productivity up and maintain a healthy work-life balance! Below, we've a bunch of great work-at-home tips and tricks. Follow your morning routine Wandering into the kitchen in your boxers and t-shirt, grabbing a cup of coffee and heading straight to the computer. You can shower later, right? - Don't do it that way! You're going to get distracted, you'll lose track of time and be in a panic when you

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DevOps As Gamechanger

DevOps is a process improvement approachthat is mainly used in system administration and agile software development. The aim is to combine development and IT operations in a way that enables a more efficient and effective cooperation. The focus of the interlocking of these two areas is to shorten release cycles. In addition, quality can be assured / increased, the speed of software development accelerated and teamwork improved. Previous approaches to software development will be replaced by new and innovative ways of thinking and


We are Polygran

Over the years, our corporate values have developed from our working practices. This brings us together as individual people: We have things in common that make us stronger. We are especially proud of this. We take care of our values, collect stories about them and can inspire new colleagues. Polygran was founded in 2012. A one-man-show became a company with many smart people. Already 8 years ago there was an approach of our today's vision: helping companies to develop digitally and discover

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