Polygran football team takes 3rd place in the IT league

Our Polygran football team in Bulgaria has successfully completed the 2021 season. They finished 3rd in the IT Top Premier League. Only ATI Consult (1st place) and DXC Technology (2nd place) were superior to the Polygran team. Nevertheless, the Polygran team looks back on a successful match record: 32 matches, only six of them lost. „We have beaten some very good teams along the way and we defined our own game style with a lot of possession and some fast direct play in

3 steps to the right DevOps solution

The path to an individual DevOps solution does not always have to be long and complicated. Polygran efficiently develops solutions with a structured and solution-oriented approach. Our solution concepts are adapted to the requirements of our customers and are developed in just three steps. The entire consulting process is characterized by its transparency and adaptability. Thus, the process is tailored to the customer and it is always apparent in which step of the solution development we are. The consulting process The

Jira and Octane – The benefits of synchronizing

A comparison of the two tools Jira (Atlassian) and ALM Octane (Micro Focus) is something we encounter again and again during initial consulting meetings. Both tools offer solutions for different application areas. While Jira is often used as a project management tool in software development, Octane is the all-encompassing platform that links various tools, including Jira, and thus stands above the entire tool landscape. Therefore, the choice between Jira and ALM Octane is not an either-or question, rather the two tools should

Meet Kim – “My way to becoming an Atlassian Solution Engineer”

Kimberly Knöbel works as an Atlassian Solutions Engineer at Polygran GmbH in Ulm. Since May 2017, she has been a valuable colleague, especially in the Atlassian team. Since then, she has improved the quality in her own department, helped shape the organizational culture, and continues to spread good vibes throughout the company. In this article, she describes her journey to today, with all the stumbling blocks and motivators that accompanied her to her future goal. Kimberly Knöbel, our Atlassian Hero at Polygran

An insight into the daily work of Alexander Kuzmenkov as a last- and performance tester

Alexander Kuzmenkov is a last- and performance tester and has been working for Polygran GmbH for several years. Alex describes his work as a tester as a science experiment. He conducts research on IT systems, testing the performance of systems under different workloads. Alexander Kuzmenkov likes to be out in nature when he's not testing systems. His passion for scientific experiments and results analysis, he was allowed to develop already in his studies of physics at the Belarusian State University in

Polygran celebrates its 9th anniversary!

Nine is considered the number of perfection because it contains three times the number three, which is considered a sacred number in many cultures. How Polygran GmbH has developed over the last nine years was told to us by the two managing directors, Igor Janz and Wilhelm Lehbert, in a personal interview. What happened in the first three years of Polygran's history? Igor Janz, the founder of Polygran GmbH, tells us that the foundation stone for the company was laid back in

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