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Save: ITIL 4 - the most widely used ITSM framework.

It's time for highly dynamic
IT teams!

Based on ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), IT services can be provided and managed efficiently, user-friendly and cost-effectively.

Among other things, ITIL is used in the Atlassian platform Jira Service Management. With the latest update to ITIL 4, the ITSM framework changes from rigid specifications to a more flexible and adaptive approach.

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The new ITIL 4: This will change for you.

The fourth version of ITIL represents the biggest update in over a decade. Over 2,200 IT specialists were involved in the development – including some from industry.

What is fundamentally new is the change from rigid specifications to more flexibility: whereas IT teams used to work according to rather cumbersome requirements, ITIL 4 offers practical guidelines that take lean, agile and DevOps concepts into account. Holistic, integrative work for continuous improvement and with value streams and visualization boards replaces rigid process steps.

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ITIL 4 offers you this opportunity

Focus on the result instead of just the output

  • Prioritize work and align it with long-term business goals instead of just ticking off problem after problem
  • Minimize unnecessary tasks and maximize value
  • Doing the right thing at the right time

Promoting culture and guidelines

  • Using ITIL as a basis – thanks to its components “Guiding Principles”, “Value Orientation” and “Collaboration and Visibility”
  • Using tools and processes to specifically support culture and practices

Adopting agile and DevOps

  • Use an integrated approach that combines best practices from Agile, DevOps and Lean
  • Give teams simple rules for dealing with different situations

Our Pro tips on the use of ITIL:

Use lean methodology - for example the value stream

  • Visualize the entire process, making it easier to identify individual steps, bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement, etc.
  • Mapping different value streams – for every service, every product and every process
  • Automate low-risk change requests
  • Achieving faster approvals with peer reviews

Use Atlassian Team Playbook

  • Benefit from Atlassian’s experience with thousands of highly dynamic teams
  • Making practices and behaviors adaptable – for good teamwork and transparency
  • Start with “Health Monitor” (assessment of team health, tracking progress, strengthening team trust)

Rely on incident management - and Atlassian Incident Response

  • Define practice for technical matters
  • Transform response and recovery strategies (for major incidents)
  • Utilize Atlassian Incident Response strategies (game plan, communication, post-incident improvement, etc.)

Work iteratively in cycles for continuous improvement

  • Define two- to four-week cycles (instead of a single large publication)
  • Implementing fast feedback loops
  • Using agile, human-centered retrospectives – how Atlassian has been doing this for years

"The new ITIL 4 represents a quantum leap that will enable you to take your IT teams to a new dynamic level. Don't miss out on this opportunity."

Sebsatian Forster


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