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Atlassian Intelligence: KI-gestützt cleverer, schneller und effizienter sein.

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According to McKinsey, 56% of companies are already using AI – and the trend is rising rapidly. Those who do not yet use artificial intelligence to optimize their teamwork cannot become more productive to the same extent and cannot easily increase their innovative strength throughout the company.

Polygran supports you in using the AI-supported functions of Atlassian Intelligence profitably for your company.

Atlassian Data Center für alle die Ihre Tools nicht in der Cloud wollen

Zahlen, die für sich sprechen:


of employees would like to hand over tasks to AI: for less stress and more productivity.


of managers are convinced that AI will be the most important business advantage in the future.


of companies are already implementing AI due to staff shortages.


of business owners expect AI to significantly increase productivity.

What exactly is Atlassian Intelligence?

Atlassian Intelligence is a collection of AI-supported functions for cloud products. They enable teams to work faster, increase efficiency and thus create smarter added value.

Developed with Atlassian and OpenAI AI models, the feature set is your new virtual team member that extracts transformative insights from data.

Polygran Mitarbeiter kennen sich mit der Atlassian Cloud aus

Dafür können Sie Atlassian Intelligence (AI) nutzen:

Increase speed

AI accelerates your teamwork by generating and transforming content.

Increase efficiency

AI summarizes crucial data details so that teams can grasp and understand everything important more quickly.

Quick access to information

AI helps to find important information faster.

Obtain context-specific results

AI delivers results while taking your company context into account, using teamwork diagrams, internal language models and OpenAI.

Use Atlassian more productively

AI can generate content, change the tone of texts, summarize documents, search for information in Confluence/Jira etc. and find answers in Jira Service Management as well as summarize complex requests.

Ihre 3 wichtigsten Vorteile:

More productivity

  • Higher writing quality
  • Promoting creativity during brainstorming
  • Be informed faster
  • Focus on the essentials

Virtual employee

  • Always available reinforcement for the team (the solution to skills shortages)
  • No problems due to automation
  • Round-the-clock support for those seeking help
  • Quick problem solving for fast continuation of work
  • Focus on the essentials

Insights from company data

  • Unlock insights without JQL and SQL know-how
  • Less time spent searching for answers
  • Well-founded decisions based on concrete data

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What satisfied customers say about Atlassian Intelligence:

"Atlassian Intelligence has helped us integrate our DevOps practices into Slack, reducing context switching. Atlassian Intelligence not only provides AI answers and incident summaries, but has also improved our developer experience."

Gespräch über Atlassian Service

One thing is certain:

Datenschutz mit Atlassian Intelligence.

You’re probably wondering what happens to your data – the quick answer: your data belongs to you and you retain full control at all times when you work with Atlassian Intelligence.

The data you enter and the answers you receive will only be used to improve your work. Each request is processed individually and encrypted. Neither Atlassian Intelligence nor its partners store or use your data.


Answers to frequently asked questions about Atlassian Intelligence

None of the input/output is stored or used by Atlassian or partners to train models.

No. Atlassian Intelligence is optional and respects existing access rights. No data is used to which users do not have access.

Tip: Consider whether you want to store sensitive data on a separate page that only certain users have access to.

Yes. All existing authorizations and data residency are respected by AI. All data is processed and transferred in accordance with the Privacy Policy, the Data Processing Addendum and the GDPR guidelines. Standards such as SOC2, ISO 27001, HIPAA etc. are not yet supported.


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